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Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located at No. 15 A, Nanfeng 1st Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, is a professional manufacturer specializing in precision machinery manufacturing and processing.

There are 5 sets of mv55 machining centers in Taiwan, with X-axis travel of 1100mm, Y-axis travel of 650mm and z-axis travel of 600mm.

The machine is equipped with the famous Mitsubishi Control System in Japan to ensure the machining accuracy and efficiency. The positioning machining accuracy of the machine tool is ± 0.005mm, the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.003mm, and the circular accuracy is ± 0.01mm

15 sets of Haas high-speed four-axis machining centers imported from the United States meet the requirements of various complex parts processing, with machining accuracy of ± 0.005mm

In addition, there are 6 high-precision fully automatic CNC lathes, the control system is FANUC, and the machining accuracy is ± 0.01 mm.EDM There are 2 general lathes for WEDM, 2 milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, knurling machines and some other general gold processing equipment. In addition, there are three coordinate measuring machines (Siri), two-dimensional (projector) and other inspection equipment.

The company specializes in all kinds of precision medical parts and auto train parts processing.

The development of the company mainly depends on talents. At present, there are more than 30 employees in the company, including 10 in junior colleges, 10 in secondary schools and 16 in vocational colleges. Every employee must receive corresponding training for different positions before they enter the company;

Our company's existing management department, technology department, production department, inspection department, after-sales and other departments. Through the continuous efforts of employees, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 certification in 2006.

The main customers are Ge, ITT, Jiangsu Nanfang electromechanical and other customers.

Customers first, abide by the contract, continuous improvement, high quality and high efficiency "is our company's consistent policy. Our company will participate in market competition with high-quality products, reasonable price and excellent after-sales service. We sincerely welcome the majority of mechanical experts to visit and guide us, discuss business to enhance friendship and common development.